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According to the Financial Ombudsman Chief Tony Boorman, the 190,000 in the second half of 2013 was a great improvement compared to the over 260,000 payment protection insurance complaints received by the Ombudsman in early 2014. However, Boorman said that the numbers are still “depressingly high.”

FSCS Chief Executive Mark Neale said that PPI still has not reached its peak and it may take a few years until it does. Neale said that the FSCS, which also handles recompensing consumers mis sold PPI and addressing other troubles concerning financial products, had increased the number of PPI complaints it receives by 21%.

PPI or payment protection insurance helps consumers repay loans, mortgages and credit cards in case they get sick, have an accident or get unemployed. An average PPI costs £2750.

Citizens Advice condemns that claims management companies had pocketed £5 billion from persuading consumers to have them reclaim their refunds under a no win no fee* basis. Their research indicated that some claims handlers do not make clear the fee structure of their service. However, reputable claims management companies, such as Payment Protection Insurance Claims Co, said that all MOJ-regulated companies follow the contingency fee arrangement.

The MOJ had recently laid off 200 rogue claims management companies suspected of cold-calling and unsolicited text message sending.

At 50, I can say that I’m still looking forward for the changes the remaining 10 years can bring me in my career. But along the way, I’ve been battling countless hours of lacking sleep, abusive and sometimes troublesome superiors and impossible, herculean tasks.

Yet here I am. I’ve made myself a senior officer of this company. One of the things that kept me going was that I was supposed to be fair to other people.

Fairness means knowing when to get something for yourself and to stop being too greedy for yourself. When you become fair, you recognize that not every competition needs to be won. In particular, you understand that every person has a chance to gain success out of an opportunity.

In the corporate world, choosing your own battles vmight seem impossible, but for me, it meant that I should know the responsibilities I have at work and how I could fulfil them. To be fair to yourself, avoid adding more responsibilities that another person should have fulfilled. To be fair to others, pull your own weight.

Choosing your battles also means avoiding manipulation by other people to do their own bidding, and stopping yourself from manipulating others to what you want as well. Manipulation serves a fake and dishonest result, which can only hurt people and even your career. Always get your As in the best way possible; through your own efforts.

Only concern yourself with the responsibilities you need, not those that you want. That is the secret to reaching 50 on a normal job, but one that you can perform with passion and excellence.

One thing most people tend to forget is that they have a choice to become who they are and what they need to do. Some people continue to develop their careers and actually get good at it. Professionals normally disregard anything for the sake of their personal achievement and sense of accomplishment. However, sometimes taking a break is important.

A person could get so lost in everything they are doing but they are on their way to their objective. Despite their accomplishments, they still continue to push their passions into their job. However, at one point, any person can burn out and lose perspective during their long breaks.

Think of it as the regular rest phases in a physical exercise. When you continuously do the routines, you will feel tired, but you will feel stronger when you accomplish them. Then the trainers introduce breaks to ensure your body and muscles recover. If you do not take breaks, you could introduce muscle atrophy or even injure yourself.

With regular rests, you enhance your capability to solidify the vision of your objective in your head. Working continuously, you might lose sight of the prize.

You could compare breaks as small adjustments to ensure that you are still going the right path. Driving without looking where you are headed is a disaster, so take a break and put things in perspective before you proceed into another day of pushing.

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We’ve heard of many industry leaders today such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and others who had begun their careers doing the things they were passionate about in high school or college. It was during this time they saw the potential of their personal projects and their world-changing capabilities. Most of them were also school dropouts in pursuing their dreams.

I’ve seen many websites and internet jokes or memes talking about the trend of dropouts and successful people in the industry. Mind you, even if these people were dropouts, they knew what they wanted. You finish college because you want companies to hire you because of your specific skillset expertise and school performance. These people proved their intelligence by proving their ideas can be successful in a realistic market.

I believe that we could only get ideas only if someone planted the ideas in our heads, or at least we are very observant with our surroundings. Google’s founders saw that the early internet websites were very scattered and disorganized, limiting traffic to only a few friends or related websites. They became pioneers in search engine technologies, which are now popular with many businesses. Google’s founders found the idea through observing the surroundings.

Research, definition, organisation and discipline are the key things we learn from school, not the complicated mathematics and logic of everything thrown at us. Art also gave us some consciousness with society and our surroundings. These four things make education still a valuable part of being successful in any industry and career your pursue because they can engage your imagination and turn them into reality.

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Change is defined as anything that is not in the usual pattern. Improvement is defined as making things better through necessary changes. Both coincide to bring out the best and the worst in people.

The new year brings a chance for many people to clear their minds and pin down their goals before the new year ends. With a better view on things and better emotional control, people at the beginning of the year can remain positive about themselves until they make their first mistake.

People are naturally allergic to mistakes. To avoid feeling bad, some people will deny these mistakes. Others will simply point to another person, an object or any factor to avoid having the blame pinned down on them. The result is a change that provides no significant improvement.

As a result, people change in a way that they do not desire, but find useful. Blame-pinning becomes easy and sometimes, these activities become elaborate just to avoid the blame and consequences of one’s actions, which continue to bubble over time.

A necessary change will be to accept the mistake and face the consequences. To avoid denying helps one achieve resolutions that they know they will fail. If they fail in their objective, they should admit these mistakes because the emotional mindset of making a mistake and altering the outcome is a great way to change for the better.


To develop something, you will need to work hard to attain the product or results you want to have. Career development takes much time to develop the skills you need to climb up the professional ladder. However, it is more tempting to sit around, work fast enough to meet your daily quota and just surf social media during break times especially when the workload become stressful.

Procrastination is the biggest problem of many young professionals and even senior professionals looking to improve their professional capabilities. By promising to do things later so they could enjoy their lives at the moment, these people find a lack of improvement in their professional life.

To develop your career as a professional, you need three things: objectives, determination and willpower. You would not develop these skills when you procrastinate. Your willpower must give you the motivation to begin your objectives and with determination, finish them on time.

In any kind of industry, the employee who is the most resilient during turnarounds and sudden change of plans is the one favoured by employers. With all your hard work in having the determination and willpower to do a complete turnaround with all your efforts, a promotion should not be too far away. That is, if you do not procrastinate.

Always remember, being productive is very important in the professional world. Time is money and your career also increases your responsibility and the quality of your life.

Exteme anxiety could be considered a sickness simply because it makes one unproductive. Virtually anything that could make you unproductive can be seen as a form of sickness. However, anxiety and fear can be turned into an advantage-making opportunity for yourself.

When you worry, it is probably because of one or two things; it might be that you are worried things out of your control could affect your current performance or simply because your abilities cannot cope up with one possible outcome of a certain event.

Anxiety in your career should be seen as a red flag that needs taking care of. View your worries as areas that you need to improve on. If you’re worrying that you might stutter in your first professional review of the company’s financial expenses, brush up on your social and conversing skills.

Nothing that you’re worried about, you can learn, you have an advantage if you make use of your resources, such as the Internet, effectively. Most people fear or worry about something that they cannot understand or they know can happen, but they fear they cannot understand how it happens.

This is why you must look at anxiety as your signals that you need to improve in your career. If you have so many worries, there are some areas of yourself that you need to improve to ensure that you become the best you can be in your profession and line of work.

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Avoiding arguments is not a great way to live a life. One must always argue especially if one believes that he or she is right. In the business and professional world, competitiveness and edge is the key to becoming efficient servants for your customers. This is why any person today should strive to be competitive.

1. Improving Business Attributes
Businesses depend heavily on competition to find a reference point in improving their products or services. Customers serve as barometers that tell about the effectiveness of their products and services. If a competitor rises to the competition and achieves a top spot, improving the business’ products and services guarantees a bigger share of customers and a better quality product.

2. Self-Assessment
In the professional world, a competition in the office between top employees helps them see where they stand and if they are worthy of getting their own progress in their career ladder. Self-assessment is highly important for improving your personal and professional qualities and you could not rely on yourself to tell you what’s wrong. A competitor and an arbiter are the only ones who could.

3. Self-Confidence
Confidence is derived from one’s achievements and capabilities and evidence of these are solely in the effects of your produce on your competition. With confidence, a business or an employee continues to use their efforts in improving their capabilities to provide better service, mobilizing the progress needed for improvement.

Mis-sold PPI

Financial institutions, banks and lenders need to follow specific rules when selling PPI. However, it is a fact that there are over 2 million people who have a PPI but can make no PPI claims because the policy was mis-sold to them by banks and financial institutions. This means that the policy was sold to them without ensuring compliance to the set standard and rules and by providing wrong information or insufficient information about the policy.

Most of the banks and financial institutions make huge profits by selling the PPI. It is estimated that banks have a profit margin of almost 80 % when they sell PPI; thus selling of this policy is one way using which banks, lenders and financial institutions make a lot of money that does not have to be accounted for.

So, how does one know if PPI was mis-sold to him or her? There are a few basic things that one needs to know and if the policy one hold does not fulfill these conditions, one can be assured of the fact that PPI was mis-sold.

  • PPI is optional and if this fact is not made clear to a person, then the policy is mis-sold.
  • If the financial adviser who sold the policy did not make a person aware of all the exclusions of the policy; it was mis-sold.
  • If a person has taken a loan or a financial agreement and the financial adviser did not make it clear that the insurance amount has to be paid up front in one single payment then the PPI was mis-sold. Also if the adviser did not disclose the fact that the insurance amount would be added to the loan amount and that one will have to pay interest on the insurance amount as well, then the policy was mis-sold.
  • If the single premium PPI policy lasted for more than five years, the policy was mis-sold.

Soon, you will be one of the leaders in your company or your own company and by managing a group of people, you will be responsible for them and their produce. Becoming a good boss is essential not just to make you feel nice, but to make your business with your employees and clients worthwhile. Here are a few things you need to remember.

1. Step Up
Being the boss does not mean that you could tell your employees what to do and just sit back and watch them work. Being the boss means taking on the responsibility of overseeing the operations of your company and making crucial decisions that will shape the fate of your business. Besides, employees get encouraged to work when they see how hard their superiors are working.

2. Endless Opportunities
Like what you’ve learned during your years as a recruit and regular, showing how far your employee could go could help you retain employees and even encourage them to perform better. Encourage your team; tell them how one day they could own a company similar to yours. Make leaders, and you become a great boss.

3. Challenge Them
Some employees quit their jobs because they are only tasked menial or repetitive jobs. While it could be easy for them to do, it could be tiresome and boring. By challenging your team and teaching them to know more about the industry your business is situated in, your employees may reconsider their resignation letter given the attainment they could reach working in your company.

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