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HSBC investors, frustrated with constant changes the UK regulators introduce to bank capital, will support the bank’s objective to move their global headquarters out from the UK into another tax domicile.

Edinburgh’s Standard Life Investments Equities Head David Cumming said HSBC is about to lose its patience. Heavy regulation and increasing government pressure for public responsibility will have the bank make a decision by the following year. Many speculate Hong Kong will be its likely alternative.

The criticism comes after the Bank of England is to hold its latest stress tests to check if banks have the sufficient capital to overcome a possible 2008 financial crisis.

Regulators Are Moving “Goalposts”

Cumming said that SLI isn’t the only shareholder frustrated with the UK regulators consistently moving the goalposts. They speculate other shareholders would consider a move to a new tax domicile.

“Obviously we need stress-tests and banks should have prudent capital.

“But I think this ongoing process of continually… moving the goalposts and with the Financial Policy Committee coming up with new wheezes in terms of getting the banks to hold more capital – I think HSBC are very, very close to losing patience with this never ending process.

“And I think a lot of shareholders, including ourselves, would be supportive of them moving, given the current situation in terms of regulation.”

According to Saudi Arabia, the stampede at the Hajj Pilgrim that led to 717 deaths had the pilgrims to blame. They said the pilgrims ‘did not follow instructions. The stampede occured near Mecca, which is the final destination of the Islamic journey. Countries, including Iran had strongly criticised Saudi Arabia’s negligence to avoid the disaster.

Meanwhile King Salman of Saudi Arabia ordered a safety review to shed light on the Hajj Pilgrimage Stampede.

About 9AM local time, two million pilgrims took part in the Hajj final major rite. As pilgrims were to throw stones at the Jamarat pillars where Prophet Abraham was tempted by Satan, the convergence of massive lines had created a stampede.

Iran had accused Saudi Arabia for carelessness and their inability to provide great safety for pilgrims travelling to Mecca. Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Saudi Arabia’s “mismanagement and improper actions caused the disaster. Iranian Parliamentary Committee For National Security Head Alaeddin Boroujerdi requested other Islamic countries protest against Saudi Arabia.

A large disaster nine years ago had also shaken Mecca and Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabian officials had increased budgets to improve transport and buildings to guarantee the safety of pilgrims. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayyef said they would begin an immediate inquiry that guarantes fast results.

Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) inflicts most Western elderly adults at the age of 70-80. The condition affects about 500,000 individuals in the United Kingdom. Eyesight loss is attributed to aging cells, which fail to provide the needs of the eye to retain vision.

A ground-breaking operation in June on a retired 80-years-old engineer has him an electrical implant that sends a video feed to his undamaged cells in his retina. The bionic eye uses a small camera that is attached to his glasses.

On July 1, the retired engineer Ray Flynn had booted up the system for the first time. He was slowly getting used to how the machine works. He claimed it had helped improved his life.

The Argus II bionic eye by Second Sight Medical Products will take about four-hours to transplant to patients. The experimental medical operation is to be performed on 130 blind patients.

Consultant Ophthalmologist and Vitreo-retinal surgeon at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital hailed the operation as a huge success. He commended Flynn’s progress as remarkable as he sees the outline of people and objects very clearly.

“Ray had to do everything with his peripheral vision, it’s very tiring, it is exhausting, What we are hoping to achieve is to improve Ray’s central vision so he does not have to work so hard with his peripheral vision.

“This is new information that Ray’s brain is receiving and his brain now needs to get use to interpreting it.”

Malaysian police investigation uncover 139 graves that may possibly contain the remains of hundreds of people smuggled from Myanmar and Bangladesh. This incident is part of Southeast Asia’s migrant crisis.

Kuala Lumpur Authorities said they uncovered the burial sites at 28 abandoned camps less than 1km Thailand. Thailand itself has found similar graves in its own territory.

According to Malaysian Police Chief General Khalid Abu Bakr, the bodies were found in some of the graves discovered during a border operation between May 11 and May 23.

Malaysian Home Minister Zahid Hamidi said the smugglers possibly used the camps for half a decade.

The situation is part of the growing migrant crisis as Thousands are still left stranded at sea. The mass migration is due to Myanmar’s persecution of its Rohingya minority and the government’s lack of ability to stop the long-publicised smuggling routes.

Asian leaders along with the United States and other concerned leaders would be meeting in Bangkok to discuss the fate of the great number of migrants abandoned by smugglers at sea. More than 3,600 people have landed in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Bangladesh between May 9 and May 22.

In Myanmar, Rohingya minorities are denied citizenship, education and jobs.

The movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” starring Jim Carrey as the protagonist played with a simple sci-fi concept of a medical procedure that uses electrical impulses to make the brain forget the memory of something terrible and depressing. This in-movie technology might just become a reality as the rTMS might just receive mainstream acceptance in the medical industry.


Consultant Psychiatrist Dr. Rafael Euba treated depressive Louise, not her real name, of her depression using the technology.

Euba said “rTMS is an effective treatment for intractable depression. The brain communicates through electrical messages.”

“Brain-imaging techniques show that patients with depression often display underactivity in the areas that regulate mood [the left frontal part of the brain and the limbic system]. rTMS increases the number and frequency of the messages in these areas.”

The US Food and Drug Administration had approved the use of the rTMS.

It uses a magnetic field created by passing pulses of electrical current through a coil of wire. It is encased in plastic and then put close to the left side of the head just above the temple. The treatment only has a small side effect in the form of headache or nausea.

Meanwhile, the UK National Institute for Clinical Excellence still believes that there is “uncertainty about the procedures clinical efficacy.” It has called for more research about the procedure.

According to Cloning Pioneer Dr Tony Perry, precise DNA editing has become possible in conceiving mice. He claims that in two years, the world could see the first population fo designer babies.

Dr Perry’s team was part of the first teams to clone the first mice and pigs. He said that the idea of designer babies was still in its early stages, but scientific technology is making it possible.

Dr Perry said  “We used a pair of molecular scissors and a molecular sat-nav that tells the scissors where to cut. It is approaching 100% efficiency already, it’s a case of ‘you shoot you score’.”

Crispr Technology, as it was termed, was named as one of the top breakthroughs in 2013. Many acclaimed the technology as the first cornerstone in the new era of genetics. It is now in use in a wide-range of experiments in many specialist laboratories.

While DNA editing and testing has been effectively used on mice, Dr Perry said that researchers need to be very cautious when it comes to working with humans.

“On the human side, one has to be very cautious.

“There are heritable diseases coded by mutations in DNA and some people could say, ‘I don’t want my children to have these mutations.'”

This includes conditions such as cystic fibrosis and genes that increase the risk of cancer.

“There’s much speculation here, but it’s not completely fanciful, this is not HG Wells, you can imagine people doing this soon [in animals].

“At that time the HFEA [the UK's fertility regulator] will need to be prepared because they’re going to have to deal with this issue.”


Screen radiation and exploding batteries are drastic technological hazards you won’t encounter with a brand-new phone. However, these three technology health risks are present in almost any kind of mobile device. The ‘Text Neck’ syndrome is one of them.

  1. Text Neck Syndrome

Normally, people would look down to see the text message on their phone. However, according to a study by the New York Spine Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine, this could have consequences for your Spine. The NYSSRM Chief Spine Surgeon Kenneth Hansraj said that the increased stress on the spine could lead to “early wear, tear, degeneration and possibly surgeries.”

  1. Obesity

Due to increasing internet usage and almost every activity done through a mobile device, obesity has become highly likely for many users. Older generations were more active, according to Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Jonathan Dearing of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Inactivity or stagnancy is the fourth leading cause of death worldwide.

  1. Sleep

Exposure to the backlit screens of mobile devices could lead to sleeping problems due to the suppression of melatonin. Another factor is that the devices stimulate the brain before sleeping, which helps keep it awake before sleeping. Cognitive arousal, according to Clinical Sleep Research Unit Professor Kevin Morgan, is the factor behind those sleepless nights with a smartphone.

David Gilmour, one of the world’s biggest entrepreneurs, shares his secrets to become successful in business and entrepreneurship in this short interview.

Watch the video here! 

The success stories of most entrepreneurs have lessons that one could apply in real life. If it made a business earn millions in profit, it should render priceless success for your own life as well. Here are three entrepreneur learnings that could make life worth living.

  1. The Customer is Not Always Right

Human dignity is not a price to pay for money. You, as a person, have the right to refuse any person the right to buy items or get services from your business. The customer is not always right; no person has a right to tread on you, even if you are providing services and raising your brand. No business could please every person or customer they have.

  1. Time is Gold

Life is too short for you to hate your work and love your life. Making yourself love your work is impossible, so it is important to find work that you love. Jump around jobs and do not let yourself be abused by rough and tough employers; find something you know how to do best and find people who could fill in other essential areas that you are not good at.

  1. There Will Always be Someone Smarter

Regardless of how intelligent you might think yourself as, acknowledging that people smarter than you exist in real life helps in lowering your pride and accepting them to work for your business. This also helps you recognise that co-existence is important in building something and that patience is crucial.

No one may know their own selves completely, but remaining honest to yourself will make you a person that is certain of their actions, strengths and weaknesses. The world lacks individuals who can remain true to themselves. Instead of exposing the negative aspects of their lives to themselves, they systematically deny their weaknesses, which make them dishonest with themselves. They also force themselves to live up to expectations that would be virtually impossible if they do not give it enough attention.

Being honest is not always telling the truth, rather, it is acknowledging and accepting the fact that you can lie. When you lie, you know that you do it for a reason and you also accept these reasons as an extension of yourself. These reasons are usually attached to your objective at that time, possibly due to practicality, or the necessity that your image is positive to get what you want.

In other words, to be honest to one’s self is to recognise the good and evil inside of you, and acknowledge these two things as facts that exist inside of you. Regardless how morals and values dictate one’s value as a person, no one can perfectly follow one’s values without accepting their body’s limitations.

Remember the mind can dream up many things, but the body performs. A compromise in the middle will always make the best of things for both sides.

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